Final Day in Poland - November 22

What a wonderful feeling waking up in the glorious Novotel hotel… Then reality hit me that I was still in the hole they call Poland. I was wishing that I could go the land I call my real home.

Arriving at skiing I expected there to be some sort of ice, but no… Astro turf with some sprinklers. Oh great. Snowboarding was going to be difficult… And it was. On my first run I fell 6 times and it hurt, as I’m sitting here my coccyx is in pain.

Standing outside the hotel awaiting news from Benji, regarding our Israel trip. Most were excited yet dreading the thought of being told that we couldn’t go. But after much suspense Benji announced to us that, “after 2000 years we are going to the land of Israel.” All the boys erupted in joy and we moshed singing Israeli songs. I was so happy, I was about to cry. 

We gathered ourselves and went to daven mincha and were given details about the situation in Israel. After Mincha we were given a choice to play soccer or go shopping and since I can’t do shopping for 3 hours I decided to play soccer and it was so much fun. (Because I won)

Coming back from soccer I saw a Swastika on a wall which brought me back to the brutal reality and history of Poland.

After quickly changing and showering we hopped back on the bus and drove to one of the only kosher restaurants in Warsaw. The food was marvelous in my opinion but I’m sure you’ll here about that from Jay in Food Glorious Food.

Going to sleep I feel so excited. My bags are packed and I can’t wait to land in eretz yisrael.

 On behalf of tzachi, the Jewish people and myself, Thank you.


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