Day 3 by Josh Vernon

After a devastating day where we visited Auschwitz and received news that we weren’t actually going straight to Israel, the whole group was devastated. This could have meant a very solemn day – but thanks to our amazing leaders, our first day in Warsaw was an absolute blast.

After davening at a local shule, where we bought kosher snacks and felafel, we returned to the hotel for some time with IST’s best friend – free WiFi!

Once we were dressed and ready, we drove through town to a recreational centre, where the boys played laser tag (which I must say was my pleasure to win), while the girls terrorized the waterslides. Everyone then swapped and the boys dove into the water park (can you say ‘kicked off’ in Polish?) whilst most of the girls (and a couple of the guys) hit a local shopping centre for a charged 45-minute spree.

Once we got back to the hotel, we raced to get our stuff and have dinner – where we sang a hearty Yom Huledet Sam-meach to Sam – before watching the latest James Bond film, Skyfall. Opinions on the movie were mixed, but one thing was for sure – despite the fact that it wasn’t Israel, we still managed to have a great day.

Josh Vernon

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