Day 33 in Israel by Gabi Blomson


December 24, 2014

Everyday in Israel has been an awe inspiring and captivating experience, but today was something different. Today we were able to walk the land of Israel and truly feel its grounds and its water. It allowed us to feel such a deep, enjoyable and beautiful connection to this land - one that we had not been exposed to before.

After a twenty-minute drive out of Eilat's centre, we arrived at the red canyon - an overwhelmingly beautiful landscape of large rocks and desert land. Although the mountain looked impossible to climb, the feeling of being amongst the land exceeded this. Together as a group we walked through the canyon and climbed up the mountain. Trekking down ladders and stumbling down the rocks we were surrounded by a surreal landscape, which captured the true beauty of the Israeli desert.

By the end of our hour long walk through the Red Canyon, with some more tired than others, we all piled back onto the bus and headed towards Eilat Beach. From desert dust to ocean side sand, the landscape that surrounded us soon transformed into a beautiful beach with a clear blue ocean. The eagerness to feel the ocean overtook us as we dived onto the boats to begin banana boating and kayaking. Groups of 10 set out on jet boats and travelled through the Red Sea at great speeds. Whilst some were thrown off the boats, others clung and held on tightly, enjoying the ride and laughs with our friends.

Soon enough, we set off for ice-skating and dinner at the mall. The ice-skating was comical to say the least as some watched from the sidelines and others took to the ice. We went to dinner in family groups and enjoyed catching up over a good meal.

Overall, we loved seeing Eilat's natural beauty and what it has to offer. It felt like a true holiday and allowed us to further relax and bond as a group.

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