Day 9 in Israel by Rebecca Shteinman


December 3, 2014

The unique thing about our whole entire Israel experience is that from the moment we wake up, sleepily walk downstairs and eat our breakfast, we are immediately confronted with inspiration and positive energy. Mornings like these truly make IST a transformative journey. 


This morning we were privileged to hear the renowned John Medved speak in the Ramat Rachel Hotel in Jerusalem, where we are currently staying. Due to the great success of this investor and serial entrepreneur, the inspiring speech was a big deal for all of us. He offered many significant concepts throughout the talk, touching on the achievements of the Jewish nation and additionally the fleeting nature of life. What inspired me most about John’s journey was the notion of being active and not passive, something that has been reiterated throughout IST and is fundamental to making the most out of this experience. The speech empowered us as young individuals who will one day be responsible for the continuation as well as the triumphs of the Jewish nation and specifically Australian Jewry. Recognizing this huge responsibility influenced me to take a different perspective on the importance of my involvement as a Jew, and left me feeling proud and appreciative to have these opportunities.


Next was Tel Aviv, a multi-cultural metropolis buzzing and booming with colours, stalls, people and a contagious energy. We enjoyed some free time to eat a delicious Israeli meal and stroll around the Nachalat Binyamin, well known for the beauty and individuality of the products sold. Our goal in Tel Aviv on this day was quite different to the activities during previous weeks, and the “Amazing Race” activity completely transformed our usual touring experience. Instead of merely observing and learning about the history and culture of a specific area, today we would authentically become a part of the hustle and bustle of the city through the hilarious tasks assigned in order to complete the race. These tasks included singing Israeli songs with shopkeepers in the Shuk, requesting secret recipes and even asking locals for directions to practice our Hebrew. Through this fun and exciting race, the whole group was able to get involved and tap into the Tel Aviv lifestyle. 


We ended off the day with Mincha by the beach, surrounded by an astonishingly beautiful sunset and all our friends. We relaxed after a chaotic day and additionally get a sense of Israel’s beauty and diversity. The whole group admired the view until the sun was entirely out of sight, leading us to move on to the Azrieli mall where dinner awaited. With free time for shopping and hanging around the shopping center, it was the perfect way to end an incredible day.

Day 10 in Israel by Benji Gishen