Day 12 - On the way to Tiberius

Today we left Jerusalem to drive north to Tiberius. As we were driving, we glimpsed the Galilee river with the background of the Golan mountains. Jerusalem was truly beautiful and unlike anything we'd seen before, however the Galilee is no disappointment. At the beginning everyone was sleeping on the bus but towards the end everyone woke up and the bus became a huge vibe, with music playing and people laughing.  

On our way, we went to a Marzipan factory in Kfar Tavor. The factory was very interesting and our guide was very knowledgeable on the history of the factory. We learned about the types of things they made and saw some of their amazing creations using Marzipan.
After this, we were given Marzipan and taught how to make different shapes and figures. Many people used the moulds they gave us while others created things out of their imagination. There were caterpillars, snowmen, dogs, flowers and more. I made a rose by putting each petal on one at a time. It was so much fun being at the actual factory of the famous shop and brand that is known in Israel to make some of the best pastries, rugelach in particular. 

We then drove the rest of the way to our new hotel which has a view of the Galilee, and are now preparing for our first Shabbat in Israel! I can't wait for us first Shabbat in Israel as a group.

Samantha Chazan

Day 12 - Ethiopian Village and Shabbat

Day 12 - Ethiopian Village and Shabbat

Day 11 - Tzfat