Day 37 - Machtesh Ramon & Bedouin

Day 37 - Machtesh Ramon & Bedouin

At 6am this morning, we woke up excited and ready for the day ahead. We all left our rooms by 6.30 ready to go to breakfast and we were told the bad news. The original plan was to go to Masada and the Dead Sea but the weather stopped us to do so which disappointed the Masadians because we missed our one time to shine. Due to warnings of flash flooding, it was cancelled. Everyone was so upset. We all had to go back to our rooms and unpack and then repack our overnight bag for the Bedouin tents. 

People tried to stay optimistic but from there it just went downhill. We were told that breakfast was from 6.30-7.15 but it actually only opened at 7.15. Many were angry at the fact that we had to wake up so early for nothing. 

Girls and boys split up for prayers. Us girls went down to the bottom level and had a small learning session followed by short silent prayers. 

We all packed the bus ready for the day. Awaited us was a two and a half hour bus ride. When we found out how long the bus ride was, the girls all ran to the bathroom as there was not going to be a bathroom stop on the way. 

After the bus ride, we arrived at Machtesh Ramon, everyone got off and ran into the restaurant where it was warm. Some decided to go and buy food from a small shop next door which included chips and chocolate. Others bought some food from the restaurant. 

During this stop over, Shani and Jonty made an optional lookout point tour and explained the history and science behind Machtesh Ramon. It was very interesting. 

After the lookout, we all went back to the busses for a small bus ride to just outside the gadna base campsite and had lunch. Seeing the gadna campsite brought back some good and bad memories from options week. Lunch was chicken and schnitzel sandwiches. For me being gluten free, it was a chicken salad, which was delicious. 

Later on we took a winding drive down into a beautiful valley. In this valley we got off the bus and began the trail. The trail was mostly flat with a few rocks. Stacey (Kallmeyer) and I made a pit stop at the bathroom and had to run back to the group to catch up. 

All of a sudden it started to drizzle and Stacey fell over her feet. She laughed it off and was all okay. We caught up to the group and kept on walking to the waterfall. We took a group photo of all of us jumping as well as small photos with friends. 

Gabi and I ran back to the bus as it started to rain even harder. By the time we got back to the bus we were soaked. We took off our top layers to dry off and drove off for another 45 minute drive. 

We stopped at a small shopping centre to grab some food and snacks for the rest of the day and night. Many people bought hot drinks from Aroma to make them warmer. We then had a short drive to the Bedouin tents and got off with our overnight bags. 

We arrived at the tent and found ourselves sharing one huge tent with the boys divided by a mechitzah. It was a very big tent and was very warm. We set up our mattresses and sleeping bags and were ready for the night ahead. 

We all chilled in our tent for a while. Many of us know people from Scopus and luckily I was able to see my friend Simmi. Afterwards, we went to a tent to meet the main coordinator of the place we were at. 

He gave us coffee and told us about the history of the fascinating place we are at now. We went back to the tent and soon after we had candle lighting for Chanukah with Scopus and everyone else at the campsite. 

At 8pm we walked to dinner and sat in groups of five around these triangle stands. Food came on huge silver trays. There was Pita, Tehina, Hummus, Cucumbers, Pickles and Olives, Potatoes, Salad, Rice and Meat. At dinner my table spilt the water all over so it caused abit of a mess. 

After dinner, we had some free time in our tents and there was a bonfire for whoever wanted outside the tent. Finally we had some optional stargazing with Aaron Taub (Ezza) and went to sleep. 

Lisa Catzel

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