Na'aleh Day 7: Jacob Steinberg

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The boys are keen to embark on another enlightening day of learning at Yeshivat Lev Hatorah with another whole week awaiting us after a fantastic Shabbat. We had a wonderful shacharit led by Davi Smith followed by an outstanding Rosh Chodesh Torah reading led by Kovi Smith. After getting on the bus, the Jewish music began to play once again, getting the boys ready again for an amazing day filled with Jewish thoughts and ideas to expand our knowledge on Judaism, through the in depth texts of Gemorah and Mishnah.

On arrival at the Yeshiva, we began our daily shiur and chavrutah, conducted by Rabbi Kahn, where we learned the last few bits under the topic of Channukah. We explored the various concepts and mitzvot, primarily focusing on why women are obligated in lighting Channukah candles, and the laws of Tefillin.

After a short break, we were given an inspirational shiur by the brilliant, and our very own, Mr Grauman. He spoke about what the Tanach really is, as well as the grammar, words and different ideas that he so kindly shared with us. We were thrilled to have another shiur straight after, by the incredible (and our once again very own) David Wolfowicz, about an idea on Halachah. Post shiur by Rav Dav, we were fed a delicious lunch provided by the Yeshiva.

After lunch, we were placed in to various chavrutot with multiple students in the Yeshiva. I learned in depth about the different definitions of the Shelsheles in the Torah, which is a note that appears in the Torah only 4 times. We were analysing what it really is and why it is placed on the specific words, as there is no true meaning of the trop. After this, we continued our shiur on Techeles from Rabbi Benjy.

At the conclusion of the Yeshiva for the day we departed to Sharei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem where we took part in volunteering, by helping the sick. We completed the mitzvah of bikur cholim (visiting the sick) led by Eitan, who personally was an inspiration to us all. Following this remarkable yet intense experience, we ate a tasty dinner at the hotel.

I'm mindful every day of how lucky the entire group and I are, to be part of this remarkable Na’aleh experience, and can’t thank my parents or Moriah enough for making it all happen.

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