Na'aleh Day 8: Zoe Said and Jessica Shub

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Jess: Today got off to a rookie start for Zoe and I. Instead of our standard morning of making our way to Midrasha, we embarked on a journey with David through Jerusalem. We made our way to the Terem emergency room, which was founded during the first intifada by a man called Mr Applebaum, for less serious injuries and sicknesses. After David’s quick insight into the history of the emergency room, I made my way into a small room where a lovely, non-English speaking doctor came to check out my minor foot injury. With the help of Zoe tightly holding my hand as I let out a short, sharp scream (for the whole of Me’ah Sharim to hear) we got through the experience, and from one extreme to the next we were onto our next adventure. 

Zoe: Jess, David and I bonded through our boy band carpool karaoke on the way to the Russian Compound Police station. As we waited for an hour in the waiting room of the station, the girls in Midrasha were having diverse and new interesting classes on Kashrut, Torah, and science and villains in Tanach, which we wished we could have been a part of. Finally it was my turn to tell the police about my unfortunate misfortune, so I had to sit in a room with 2 officers while they wrote reports. With all of these exciting and adventurous activities over, it was time to head back to the Midrasha for the afternoon classes, which focused on Tefillah and the deep meaning behind the Amidah and Shema, presented by the great Rel Stephenson and Tamar Sabah.

All of us girls, intrigued and genuinely wanting to hear more, were devastated for the day to end, but ecstatic to be going to Machane Yehuda for a vibey dinner. With all of us given money, we split up to go explore the nightlife of the shuk and the artwork, by none other than Solomon Souza, who painted the new Moriah murals. Walking around talking and laughing, we finally ended up stuffing our faces with delicious pitas and laffas from an exotic and traditional, Israeli shop. We finished off our shuk night at a waffle bar and headed back to the hotel. 

The boys and girls were split up for the night as the boys hopped on a bus to Krav Maga and the girls stayed at the hotel for a surprise Zumba class. The girls danced and laughed for an hour with our amazing instructor Sari, as we were taught a wide variety of different Zumba dances. We all had an amazing time and from the massive smiles and amazing stories from the boys it sounded like they had a great time as well. After Ma’ariv, we all headed up to bed to get rest for the next day ahead of us.

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