Na'aleh Day 11: Ashi Rayman

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Our last full day of Midrasha was filled with lots of learning and laughs. We got on the bus eager to start the day once again, although sad for it to come to an end.

Our first class, was life cycles where we learnt about the halachot of dating. Then we had Beit Midrash time, where our very own Counterpoint madricha, Aleeza Schumacher, came to learn and catch up with us. It was so nice to see her! We then had a class on Torah and science where we continued learning about abortion in Judaism. Before lunch came we had our final class with Rav Rafi on kashrut and, as always, his lesson was very interesting!

There was yet another birthday at Midrasha so we had delicious cake to celebrate with the girls. Once lunch finished, we concluded our Tefillah lessons with Rel Stephenson which was one of my highlights! Then we had our final two classes about Rav Kook and middot, which I really enjoyed.

After we finished our heavy, yet fun filled, day at Midrasha we thanked all the staff and girls that we have gotten to know. The boys picked us up and we went on a tour to Meah Shearim, where we all learnt a lot and saw a new perspective on Judaism, giving us an amazing eye-opening experience. Once we finished up there, we walked to Ben Yehuda where we had free time to walk around, get dinner, shop and just enjoy the streets of Jerusalem. After a hectic day we walked home and davened a quick maariv, debriefed and then had the chance to go pack, shower and get ready for our free weekend!

It was an amazing day packed with memories and laughs to never forget! Sending love to all our friends and family back home and a Shabbat Shalom!

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