Day 15: Lehava, Israel: Daniel Nussbaum


A typical Sunday for me doesn’t usually begin overlooking Syria, however this morning that’s exactly what happened. The day then took some more unconventional twists, as we were exposed to the work of master chocolatiers from the world class De Karina chocolate factory. We then continued to Kfar Kedem, where we were treated to a delicious lunch before we went donkey riding, and finished up with a heated game of soccer.

The surreal Syrian border was fairly dull, however it was the significance of it, which was captivating. The IDF managed to hold off the Syrians in the six day war and protect their land. Looking out onto the crumbling Syrian landscape, it amazes me to marvel at what Israel has become in the midst of a region of war and hate since it has been established.

After a short bus ride we arrived at the De Karina chocolate factory, where we were greeted by a strong smell of chocolate and a French guide who was oddly enthusiastic. We toured the factory and had the opportunity to make our own chocolates. When we completed the tour, we were taken to the factory’s cafe where students were casually ripped off by the 30 shekel milkshakes.

After a quick bus ride, we arrived at Kfar Kedem. Being brought up with kosher food at home my whole life, I never believed kosher food could actually be half decent. However, we were treated to a luxurious kosher lunch which consisted of endless pitas, Israeli salads, and a bottomless bowl of meat. I haven’t been that full since Poland :). We then dressed up in traditional clothing and set out for our interesting donkey ride. Our donkey was clearly underfed or had a severely short attention span, as every 10 seconds she stopped walking and began looking for more food. Everyone had a great time riding the donkeys; the constant laughter and smiles proved that this activity was clearly a highlight of the trip.

After an eventful day, we headed back to the kibbutz, eager to kickoff our 11 vs 11 soccer game that we had been organising with a rivalry that mirrored the Man City Derby taking place at the same time. As soon as our buses arrived back, all 22 boys involved rushed to the soccer field, extremely impatient to start. A mid game Ariah Michel “injury” didn’t stop our team from making a remarkable and historical comeback overcoming a 3-0 deficit, to win 4-3.

The IST journey consists of new experiences everyday, some are fun, some are not as much, however today I can truly say that it was an unforgettable day full of banter, smiles and constant happiness. What a day!

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