Day 13: Lehava, Israel - Elliot Wayne

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Today we went to a kibbutz and met a women named Keren, who showed us around her village and introduced us to her family, and also showed us the ancient ways of how olives are transformed into olive oil. 

This was an insightful experience and it allowed us to learn about what it was like in the Middle East during ancient times, and showed us how hard it really is to make olive oil and what has to be done in order to make it. 

After our time touring around Keren’s village, we then went to our guides home where we were lucky enough to taste the bread and cheeses that she produced in her town. Her husband then impressively played guitar and we all sang along as we prepared our eager minds for Shabbat. The atmosphere was inspiring and the room was enlightened as the onset of Shabbat drew closer. We as a group continued to sing and dance with Keren and her hospitable family, which gave us insight into what living in Israel is truly about - Jews accepting and welcoming each other. 

After departing from Keren and her lovely family, we then returned to our Kibbutz to prepare for Shabbat. While today was relaxed, I could not have asked for a better way to enter Shabbat - it has been an inspiring and enriching day for all.

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