Day 22: Netzach, Israel - Lara Kaplan



After all the eating we have done over the last few days, I decided to start the day early at the gym with a couple of friends. It was hard getting up at 6:30, but was definitely worth it as while I was running I could finish my episode of "Stranger things".

After a delicious breakfast with a variety of different options, we went on a 10 minute walk to the Carmel Shuk, chatting and bubbling with excitement. As soon as I walked in, I saw a bottle of red, juicy pomegranate seeds and I knew I wanted to try them. After an hour of walking around through the crowded markets we all met at the meeting point. Everyone had bought a variety of different things. Some had bought lollies, some had purchased jewellery and others bought some random presents for their secret maccabee. While on the bus we were all fascinated with Hannah's present as she got a giant kinder surprise.

We were headed off to the Blind Museum;  a place which almost everyone had been looking forward to for a long time. Each group went in one at a time and while we were waiting to go in, our guide played many different games with us to try and replicate the experience of being blind.

As soon as I stepped inside the specifically crafted maze of rooms, it was pitch black and I was instantly nervous. It was very hard because you had to trust everyone around you and rely solely on sound and touch. We were in there for about an hour and as time went on, it got a little easier. This experience was both unique and incredible as it gave us a whole new perspective on life and the world around us.

After we had our lunch, we were split into our different options. The options were MDA, Start Up, museum tour or a graffiti tour.

I chose Start Up which I think was a good decision. It began with a small introduction into ‘ Start Up’ from our guide. We split into teams and were given multiple missions to complete and was told that the winning team would be given a prize. Some of the missions were completely random, although some gave us the opportunity to learn more about Israeli startups.

Later on, both sides joined up for movie and a dinner which was very nice. Lehava and Netzach were so excited to see each other as we had not seen been together since free weekend. We all saw Justice League and got a complementary popcorn and drink, which is always appreciated.

After returning from dinner everyone was on a high as it was the first time both sides were staying at the same hotel in Israel. It was very nice having all of my friends from the other side staying with us and having the opportunity to be together.

Overall today was one of my favourite days  of IST and I hope we have more like it coming! :)

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Day 22: Lehava, Israel - Keren Dorfan