Day 6: Lehava, Poland - Damon Glick


How can we ever measure the ability as people to help others?

Today in Poland, visiting the Galicia Jewish Museum in Krakow, we witnessed in this historic Jewish District, the commitment & courage of people, irrespective of religion & belief.

We had the privilege of meeting Miroslawa, a Polish woman, who at aged 14, lived through the Holocaust. Her family, Polish gentiles, put their lives at risk to help a young Jewish girl named Miri who was homeless, had no food and water was exposed to living in severe conditions after escaping the Ghetto. Miri was ill and being Jewish, she was not able to obtain medical help. Miroslawa's family, amongst the dangers of war offered shelter and safety for Miri, hiding her in closets and creating fake documents ensuring her safety in hiding.

Miri eventually survived the war due to the risks and bravery of Miroslawa's family. After a short time in Italy learning basic Hebrew, Miri emigrated to Israel where she lives still today. As Jewish people, it is awe-inspiring to hear from those who showed such extreme bravery during the Holocaust.

In later years, Miri invited Miroslawa to visit her in Israel and at the end of the trip, she was awarded "The Righteous among the Nations Award" at Yad Vashem, honouring her as a non-Jew who risked her life to save Jews during the Holocaust. 

This inspiring story has given us all a complete new perspective on humanity. This perspective through the eyes of a non-Jew showed us all how the holocaust deeply impacted all cultures and beliefs and how the support of people no matter what religion, contributed to the continuation of the Jewish people.

Friendship, love and support of others - the simple things in life which we may take for granted, I'm sure we all are gaining more appreciation of. In the spirit of life, our day took a bright turn, exploring the old, beautiful Shules in the Jewish Quarter in Krakow, dancing joyfully in the square to Israeli and Jewish music played by our tour guide Tzachi, uniting us as a cohort to bring in Shabbat! 

Krakow, Poland - and feeling very proud to be Jewish.

Shabbat Shalom

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