Day 27: Lehava, Israel - Sam Penkin

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Today we had a jam packed day of exciting activities together with Chavayah, BJE and of course both sides of IST, conducted by the generous Y2i.

As we arrived, we were greeted with some refreshments and snacks before we headed into an auditorium already filled with participants from the other two programs. We then went through some introductions before being divided into different groups for activities and discussions. The discussion was about our Jewish community, and if we had $1 billion, what would we buy? From schools to youth organisations, we had to decide. This was a great way to reconnect with current friends on other programs and bond with new ones, all while learning about community and what is important in a community to us.

My group then went to juggling and other balancing instruments e.g Chinese plates. Others went to houmus making, graffiti, flower crown designing and Israeli dancing. This was another great connection making opportunity.

Following this we had a delicious lunch, כל הכבוד (Kol Hakavod - honourable mention) to the caterers. After lunch we went back into the auditorium where we were treated to a performance by an Israeli band, which divided the room into people dancing and sitting on chairs.

There were opportunities to then explore different stalls about different gap year programs in Israel. This was then followed by a farewell to the Gadna people, but the students who were doing other options continued to socialise with the other programs.

After that, we headed went back to the hotel for some free time, consisting of Krav Maga or Zumba and a farewell party for Jake Voto, Ethan Lawrence and Rafi Nahon. Thanks guys for making the IST so much more enjoyable and entertaining for the whole cohort. All in all, it was a good and more relaxed day for IST.

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