Day 37: Netzach, Israel - Gemma Gold and Gia Glick


Waking up to an overcast day, we were ready for our last day of Eilat. Luckily the skies cleared by the time we got to the promenade, eager to hop onto the boat, we all walked as quickly as we could to the dock. Time flew as we sang, danced and soaked up all the sun we could find. It was such a nice break from the hectic schedule we’d been having over the past  5 weeks.

Stopping at the reef we all jumped into the clear blue water. While some swam and snorkelled, others enjoyed relaxing on the floater. We enjoyed ice creams and snacks on the way back to the wharf, all of us agreeing that we deserved the delicious treats after our tiring swims.  Once we returned, we ate a delicious lunch which consisted of burgers from Burgers Bar, and we were lucky enough to have free time to do some shopping at the markets.

With the day coming to an end, we got on the bus and made our long, 5 hour journey back to Jerusalem. It was very hectic as we arrived at the hotel because it was both sides of the program, as well as Mount Scopus from Melbourne, all staying together in the hotel! It was great to finally be all together again, and catch up with friends from the other side. To end off a great day we had a fun talent show, and even though there wasn’t much talent, it made it all the more fun to watch!

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