Ashley Younger

I would like to acknowledge my maternal grandparents Roman Tadanier and Erna Kamerman Tadanier who are both child survivors . To this day I am very aware of the impact of the Holocaust on their health and well being

Here is a brief summary of their stories:-

Roman Tadanier my Grandfather was born in Bielsko Biala, Poland . He lost his mother Edith Tadanier and sister Marilla Tadanier (a young child) in Belzec but until recently he believed it was Auschwitz. They lived in Lwow during the war. They were taken during a brutal action against women. My great aunt, Marilla was hiding under a bed but started to cry so the German soldiers found her. Many uncles, aunts and cousins also perished. My grandfather Roman was saved by his aunt Toska. Toska was married to a kind Polish Nobleman called Alfred Chevoranitza. They lived in Warsaw. Aunt Toska said she could only save one child and chose my grandfather over his sister. Roman hid in an attic in Warsaw, his father Emil joined him at a later date. He remembers hearing the sounds of the Warsaw Uprising. Roman remembers looking out of the attic window in Warsaw hoping that his mother and sister would return. Roman's father Dr Emil Tadanier also survived. 

My grandmother Erna Kamerman was saved by hiding in a bunker in Boryslaw with her parents, aunt and grandmother. She was a child of 3 when the war broke out. During one of the many pogroms her baby brother Misha (Michael) was murdered at their home by the German soldiers. Extended family too numerous to mention were arrested and/or killed at the same time. My grandmother survived with her mother Sala (Sarah) Kamerman, father Herman Kamerman, grandmother Shoshana Hauptmann and Aunt Rusa Hauptmann.

This is a very short summary of the events that took place . My family still suffers from the impact of the Holocaust. Both Erna and Roman my grandparents are still alive. (No one from our family has ever visited Belzec! )