Day 9 - Yad Vashem


I was ecstatic to be woken up in the Holy Land of Israel and to see the stunning view out of my window of the city of Jerusalem which all filled us with excitement. 

We were all looking forward to spending our first day in Israel! We started off the day with a delicious gourmet breakfast, finally being able to eat everything at the table. 

Our first adventure for the day was Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Museum and Memorial. We were split into smaller groups then guided through the museums by Yad Vashem tour guides. Our group started off at the righteous among the nations memorial of trees. The trees representing each person that risked their lives to save another. The Museum was shaped like a maze, restricting us from walking straight through illustrating how the Jews life was hard and full of obstructions. The structure was a timeline from Eastern Europe till the end when we walked out and saw Israel now! As we walked down the ramp to the children's memorial silence hit us as we began to hear a voice. There were 5 candle lights in the middle surrounded by mirrors all over the walls. This effect of the reflection from every perspective made the lights multiply by the million representing the children that died. 

Our next stop was a park where we had ODT (out door training) where we bonded with our bus! Each bus had a leader and they planned fun games for us. Time flew while we were having so much fun getting to know one another. 

Night suddenly hit and our next stop was malcha mall. Everyone was able to roam around and buy the dinner of their choice. Some people met up with family and friends while everyone just enjoyed the delicious foods in Israel and the thrilling atmosphere of the people. 

It was a great start to our Israel adventure! 

Shira Hayim

Day 10 - Jerusalem

Day 8 - Flying to Israel & The Kotel

Day 8 - Flying to Israel & The Kotel