Day 10 - Jerusalem


Our day began with a stunning overlook of the city of Jerusalem. And took an unexpected yet culturally enriching turn, taking us into an Ethiopian festival. There was thousands of Ethiopian Jews all praying with their unique tune and customs. It was fascinating to see Jews from the other side of the world following their long kept traditions.

We then headed to the City of David to Hezekiah's water tunnels where we became knee deep in water. We sang songs of every genre, bringing life and light into the pitch black tunnel. The way we got through the water tunnels was very symbolic for me expressing how we, as the Jewish people were able to get through so many twists and turns many times not knowing what may come ahead.

Soon after we headed off to Beit Halochem, but not before we all bought the iconic Avatiach (watermelon) ice cream and yes, it is as good as they say it is. At the rehabilitation house for wounded soldiers we got an insight into the lives that soldiers and their families lead after their tragic injuries. We were taught to play basketball in wheelchairs which was a blast and we all ended up playing ping pong together.

The day ended with one of the most anticipated activities of IST, the buying and engraving of the Hadayah jewellry, everyone who walked into the room to buy their rings or necklaces came out with a smile from ear to ear.

These IST days seems to only be getting better and better and I can't wait to experience the next step in this unbelievable journey.

Adi Dekel

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