Na'aleh, Day 2: Kovi Smith

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Waking up to the hotel wake up call at 7.00am, with some sort of music playing instead of a
voice meant it was time to get stuck into a day, in which we would have to immerse
ourselves into a Torah environment - the first day of Yeshivah/Midrasha. The day began with
Shacharit in the basement and a delicious spread at the Montefiore Hotel buffet and then
we were off to Yeshivat Lev Hatorah for the guys and Midrashet Amit for the girls.
The bus ride to the Yeshivah was full of Jewish music, getting the boys hyped up for the
unknown experience that lay ahead. We got off the bus to be greeted by the Dean of the
Yeshivah, Rav Cytrin. He sat us down and gave us a little explanation about the institution
and the way they educate their students in a positive environment through their high-
quality facilities. We then went on a tour of the Yeshivah with him where he showed us the
gym, basketball court, Beit Midrash, shule and apartments. From there we went into a
separate room with our amazing Rakaz, David Wolfowicz, where we learned the process of
how we derive the practical law that we do today from the Torah. This interesting shiur was
followed up by a Gemorah shiur by one of the Rabbeim of the Yeshivah, Rabbi Kahn. This
involved Gemorah and commentaries about Chanukah and why we celebrate it. Lunch
followed and then we had the opportunity to go on a tour of the Bet Shemesh community
and learn a little about the history behind it. That was the end of Day 1 in Yeshivah.

We picked up the girls after their educational day in Midrasha to go to Malcha Mall, where
we had some down time to look around in shops and meet up with family.
And that was Day 2 of Na'aleh!!!

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