Na'aleh Day 2: Mimi Schlessinger

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Some of us woke up at 3.00am due to jetlag and never went back to sleep, and others slept perfectly. We were all eagerly awaiting going to the Midrasha and Yeshiva where we would be learning for the next 2 weeks. After a really nice breakfast at the hotel we hopped on the bus all ready to go. As we got to the Midrasha we were welcomed and went to sit outside where we were given an introduction talk about why itโ€™s important to learn Torah.

We went to our first shiur where most of the girls went to learn about moral dilemmas and the others went to learn about 7 habits of highly effective people. Throughout the day we had many more shiurim which everyone really enjoyed, and even after they finished we still kept the conversations going about them. I was very surprised and happy when my cousin came to visit me from the army. It was really fun being in the Midrasha and I think everyone really liked the classes.

As we were waiting for the boys to pick us up, we were chilling and having the best time mucking around!! When we were going to the bus, a young boy who lives at the Midrasha in the Beit Hayeled program for troubled kids from broken homes chased us and we were  were screaming and laughing because we had to run to the bus. We took the bus to Malcha mall where some people met up with family and close friends, and the rest of us walked around, went shopping and had a nice dinner.

We then went back to the hotel, davened Maariv and went into a private room and had a debrief. We talked about our day and shared stories. Some chocolate milk was spilled and everyone was very overtired so we then went to bed. Overall the day was incredible and it was such an amazing experience going to our first Midrasha. We look forward to continuing our journey through Midrasha. We send our love to our families and hope everything is going well in Sydney.



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