Na'aleh Day 3: Leila Freedman

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After breakfast and davening we were on our way to our second day of Midrasha.
We had the place to ourselves as the regular girls were on a Tiyul for the rest of the week. So
we had a day filled with speakers from Sydney that had made Aliya in the last few years. Our
first shiur was from Elad Stephenson (Moriah graduate) about the holistic ideas behind
Shabbat. Then David, the rakaz of Na’aleh, came to speak us about the chain of Jewish law.
He gave us the example of Kashrut, following it all from the pasuk in the Torah to modern
day practicalities. He then redefined Judaism from a religion to two-way relationship
between an individual and G-d. Rav Rafi, from the Midrasha, came in especially to teach us
about the classic train track dilemmas. While he was teaching us Torah we taught him some
Aussie slang. 

We learnt more about the Beit Ha’yeled and the various backgrounds of the kids. This was in
preparation for our volunteering activity on Sunday with the kids. We then spent the next 90 minutes waiting for the bus as the boys got stuck in some serious traffic. Finally we made it back to the hotel where we quickly got changed and went to Ben Yehudah for some free time.  David took us to an amazing Italian restaurant called Piccalino. The meal ended with some great cheesecake and a walk back to the hotel to meet our next speaker. Miriam Bland (ex Moriah and Kesser Torah teacher) was one of the first female members of United Hatzolah who came to tell us about what she has achieved with her husband.

We ended our day with “Hebrew with David”, improving our conversational vocabulary, and
then turned in for a well deserved rest.

Thanks Riss, Mr Grauman and David for a fun filled and packed day. We are so excited for

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