Na'aleh Day 3: Kovi Smith

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It was off to Yeshivah again in the mini bus to Bet Shemesh. All the boys were a little tired
but ready to really get involved in some solid learning. First off was a continuation of yesterday's Gemara shiur with Rabbi Kahn, however on a different Halacha in regards to Chanukah. We were split up into our chavrutot (learning partners), and had to learn a piece of Gemara, along with a couple of commentaries in regards to the laws about lighting the candles. We were left with a cliffhanger by the end of the shiur as we came across a dispute between two Rabbis, but had no time to get the answer.

We then had an introduction by Jordan Neustadter (2017 Counterpoint madrich) about what
the content of his upcoming philosophy shiurim for us would be about. After that we
headed off to a class by Rabbi Allen, who gave an extremely insightful talk about the afterlife
and Judaism's perspective on it. This left us all very eager and excited for his next talk, as it
was quite deep and made us think very differently.

During the lunch break, we played some intense basketball under the hot Israeli sun, and
then it was time for our first chavrutah session with boys from the Yeshivah. We split up into
two groups, in which we had the chance to learn anything with the students or ask any
questions about any topic.  This was followed by a rather relaxed class from Rabbi Benjy (not
our Rabbi Benji Levi), about techeiles and why there are groups who don't wear them and
why there are those who do.

On the whole, all the boys thoroughly enjoyed the day and we can't wait to get stuck into
the next day coming up.

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